I want to thank you for everything you do and for making me feel like a part of your family while I'm there. I found a home in WY after my first hunt and hope I will be able to come for many more years. You are all fantastic people!

When someone hires a guide service, they aren’t paying for success. They are paying for the local knowledge and expertise, access, and the experiences and memories to always look back upon and cherish. Thank you for so much more than just a hunt, it was the adventure I was looking for once again, and you delivered. The thin mountain air was tough, but the beautiful scenery and hunting was worth the pain.

A solid “Thank You” to Trina and Hank for a great hunt. I had a lot of fun, and everything about how the hunt was run did not disappoint; you provide a first class family outfitter and guide service, just as it’s been since the very first time I came out to hunt. From the camp setup to the cooking to the guiding, the two of them served as excellent guides who worked extremely hard to get me a close-in archery shot. They worked great as a “team;” being able to enjoy the wilderness doing something they grew up on and love, and to be able to share it with a spouse who enjoys it equally as much, is truly special!

I surely missed hunting with Troy, and although there will never be another friend, guide and fellow lover of the outdoors like him, Trina and Hank did a wonderful job as he watched over. I'm grateful the hunting industry has young people like the two of them to carry on what Troy was so passionate about, and they equally share. They were taught well by their mentor, and have gotten off to a great start!

- Jeff S.

Just finished a 4 county backcountry search and rescue rope rescue course at K Bar Z Guest Ranch & Outfitters. Awesome location and great food. The folks at the K Bar Z are the real deal. Looking forward to going back.

- Aaron B.

We stopped here for a one night stay on our way into Yellowstone one year. The hospitality of this family run Ranch was absolutely tremendous!

We had arrived before their annual Archery Shoot, so their usual trail ride wasn't available but they took the time to give us a trail ride on a different path. It was our son's first time on a horse and our guide was wonderful at showing him how to get his horse to walk on.

Wonderful folks at K Bar Z. We would happily stay there again.

- Kathleen B.

The family owned ranch was absolutely amazing! Will definitely come back again.

- Jennifer L.